IndustryDirect: Just-in-time replenishment

Trust Direct to meet the demanding needs of your customers’ production process by replenishing your materials accurately and on time

IndustryDirect is Direct Distribution’s just-in-time replenishment solution to help you meet the demanding needs of your customers’ production processes by replenishing your materials accurately and on time. Our 1.2 million square feet of warehousing space is strategically located across Canada’s major centres in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Toronto to put you closer to your customer’s production process. Our deep industrial supply chain replenishment expertise allows Direct Distribution to offer you a rapid deployment solution for minimal investment.

Industries served include:

  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Food & Beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Metal & Mining
  • Packaging
  • Specialty Chemicals

A seamless system for seamless service

Direct Distribution’s order processing systems and capacity ensure same day shipping and next day customer delivery. Direct backs this up with rush order services, including immediate pickup availability.

The most cost-effective replenishment solution

Our best in industry warehouse management system (WMS) as well as quarterly cycle count programs provide you with the ultimate in inventory accuracy. This accuracy, along with Direct’s order management system and full range of connectivity options provide you with the visibility to prevent costly out-of stock situations that lead to customer downtime.

TRUST Direct

Direct Distribution’s breadth of experience, existing infrastructure and our negotiated courier rates provide you with the most cost-effective, variable cost replenishment solution.

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Supply chain management - pick and pack

Warehousing and distribution

British Columbia cross dock shipping

  • Providing your business with an end-to-end industrial supply chain solution

    Order Management

    • Just-In-Time Order Fill
    • Direct Order Status into your ERP System
    • EDI, Flat File, XML Interfaces
    • Real-time Order Status Visibility
    • Peak Demand Capabilities

    Inventory Management

    • Manage at Purchase Order Level
    • Robust Inventory Control
    • Custom Cycle Count Programs
    • Real-time Inventory Visibility
    • Daily Inventory Snapshots
    • DOS Warning Reports

    Order Assembly

    • Pallet, Case & Unit Level
    • Multi-SKU Fulfillment at Purchase Order Level
    • 100% Audit of Shipments
    • Order Fill Rate Reporting
    • Back Order Management


    • Full Canadian Coverage
    • Truckload, LTL & Dedicated Transport
    • Pre-negotiated Courier Rates
    • Transport Rate Shopping
    • Rush Order Pick-Up Availability